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Different uses of the term "PROGRAM"

Different uses of the term "program".

There is considerable variation in the uses of the term "program" between organizations and uses more common is that the program is a range of sources designed to accomplish certain fundamental goal or set of goals. There are similar and different about how to use the term in the non-profit and non-profit, as the non-profit usually refers to the program as the key services continued to target groups, the non-profit usually use this term to express their efforts to establish large enterprises and of limited duration . The program can be defined as a lasting framework for a series of activities and projects which provide a range of services to the target groups, terms of permanent program enjoys more projects, and planning programs often have broader project planning

Access to the concept of comprehensive programs.

That enabled programs seem idea-cohesive and highly confusing and difficult to understand, since it can be difficult to maintain the perspective of a given, but the program, like the organization, is a system inputs and outputs and outcomes, with a feedback strategy between continuing in parts . This system leads to the formation of an understanding of the programs and helps significantly during planning programs.

Five pillars essential for the proper planning of the program.

Application of the main pillars, organized a program to ensure a strong and able to cope with many of the changes that will face during the establishment of the program.

1-and the program must be linked with the Organization's message

Each program must be linked strongly with the message of the organization, meaning that the administration of the organization working out of the letter Mission, through the identification of a number of overall objectives, which will be fundamental to the achievement of the organization's mission.

2-should be linked to the planning program with strategic planning.

According to the nature of the organization, the strategic planning includes, typically an overview of the organization and its vision and values and issues of a comprehensive strategy and strategic objectives (which becomes in some organizations a), and ways to achieve the goals (the road to achieving the Millennium often serve as a guide to help determine how a program with the objectives private). Because planning programs must be linked with the nature of the organization's mission, the planning program must be linked more closely with the strategic planning of the organization also sets the stage after the strategic planning process objectives and strategic issues, a group of planners develop a framework on how to agree with some of the goals some people, often as a framework used to guide the establishment of a new program.

3-Involve members of the governing body in program planning.

The primary responsibility of the members of the governing body is to develop strategic direction of the organization, as it is incumbent on the governing body to intervene heavily in the direction and supervision of the initial direction of the program, and therefore must give the body the power to interfere in the strategic planning of programs.

4-involvement of target groups in program planning.

The Organization could start in a wonderful process for planning programs provide all appropriate parties of the governing body, the Executive Director and program and project managers, researchers and volunteers, but it has not been given the target groups the opportunity to present their views, although they users of programs, and thus Tucson Organization has made a good blueprint for programs But built on the foundations may not meet the realities and needs of target groups.

Therefore, the organization that gives the target groups the opportunity to participate in the planning of programs especially with regard to the preliminary views of the program, program objectives and ways to achieve those goals. It may be difficult to provide an opportunity for all target groups to participate in the planning of programs, and so the organization can choose a sample representative of their constituencies to participate in the planning of programs.

5-a planned "ideal" of the program.

If the organization used the right people, and if everyone participated in the service of the goals of the organization sincerely, staff experience at work, then formulate the organization planned "ideal" of the programs. The organization remains the only real expert on planning their own programs and can use external advisors and assistants will return decision-making to members of the planning organization is absolutely thereby keeping the planned "ideal" for programs with the nature and objectives of the organization.

Guidance to preserve the integrity of the process planning programs.

Help Program Planning Organization to provide a framework to facilitate the adoption of a series of resolutions in a timely manner. Program planning Kai other plan, it is not a static or an amendment but is a set of instructions which are used as reference used in the future, and you can change the plan provided that the obvious reason that change can be interpreted and justified.

The following is a general guidance to assist in planning programs in the sound track.

1-focus on the results of the program and not only on output.

Usually merger or be confused between outputs and outcomes of the program Output Program Outcome / Result, which leads to the weakness of the evaluation of the program. The results represent the range of benefits received by the target group and the developments that have taken place, and the solutions obtained by the application of the program, the program outputs are the quantitative aspect of the implementation of the program, for example, the number of beneficiaries of the program, it may be a significant number of beneficiaries, but that may not necessarily reflect the positive results.

2-coordination between the new program and other programs.

  May ignore in the planning stage for a new program existing programs that are very useful to the success of planning, any new program is only part of the organization and must therefore take into account the operators planning programs available to the Organization of the list of other programs to make sure all programs of the organization enjoyed in harmony with each some. This can be achieved through knowledge inputs that must be supplied by other moderators and other programs to bridge the requirements of the new program and know what feedback continuing to be made available to members of the new program and other programs, and how the new program can be beneficial to other programs.

3-exploring the best means to deliver effective services.

The main point in the program that provides services to the target groups, and thus it was important to search the most successful ways to deliver these services, and the best way is to cooperate with other organizations that implement programs similar to the programs of your organization. Successful cooperation would include two or more of the work in a cooperative framework and coordinating efforts as a way to unite and not wasted, in the sense that, if scheduled, unilaterally implementing a similar program, Both organizations Ststhdvan same category and would be submitted solutions, but not the same quantity and quality that can be provided by both The two organizations launched by working together, resulting in a joint work provision in the budget and reduce costs, and employ more sources to serve the target groups.

4-identify indicators for measuring the success of the program.

These indicators will help to know whether the program was successful or not, will help in avoiding further proceed in the program simply carrying out a program regardless of any other purposes. Take into account identify indicators associated with the expected results.

If not been able to identify basic indicators of the success of the program, Vtejel your software works in a very successful later, and then identified the advantages of the program, which refers to the actual success.

5-plans for the short-term long-term programs.

To ensure that the process of forming a direct program is the right path, to avoid thinking that the results can be achieved in the short time, but was satisfied with the development of action plans to implement the program length and quality, these plans will facilitate short-You division of labor and distribution of the phases and clear procedures, and to measure results the final until the expiration of the program.

The implementation of the program, sources and budget.

The implementation of the program.

At the end of the preparation phase of the program, you will arrive at a general plan of action for implementing the program, has been followed by action plans especially in the sub-programs or long-term programs that provide many services. At the inception of the program, the management of the program will depend mainly on the overall work plan reference for determining the course and direction of the program, but usually there on this plan some adjustments because of some of the circumstances surrounding the change in the program, and program management for accuracy in determining the changed circumstances and decision-making the appropriate response to those changes.

Sources budget program.

Take the study process to be able to know the financial sources must be available for the implementation of the program, such as: recruitment costs, salaries, wages and benefits owed to them, advisers, training and area, and the purchase of equipment, rental equipment, mobility, printer and telephone resources and the main office ... Etc..

Program evaluation.

The process must be conducted in the evaluation of the program at least annually to verify that the program has achieved its objectives and completed the desired results and that it does so in an effective manner, and rarely available among small sources through which evaluation of the program objectives and the results of its operations, but they think of the aspects that give rise to fears about a program and then carry out an assessment of the study of those aspects of the program.

There are many positives for the program evaluation process, as it was able to verify the feasibility of services provided to the target population or increase, and help develop ways to deliver services, including programs provide you time and money.