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Definition & Terms of Islamic Banking
The history of Islamic banking:
A theoretical framework for Islamic banking in the second half of the twentieth century through some literature, such as "landmarks of Islamic economy" of the professor / Mahmoud Abu Saud, "banking transactions and theoretical contemporary Islamic" by Dr. Mohamed Arabi, and then reinforced by Dr. / Isa Abdu in his book "interest-free banks "Some of the pioneers in the Indian subcontinent, such as Professor Najat God my friend and other economists, scientists Sharia. Thanks to the transfer of Islamic banks contemporary theoretical framework which applied to some businessmen pioneer times, Prince Mohammed al-Faisal, Sheikh Saleh Kamel and Sheikh Saeed Lootah of those who contributed to the founding of several Islamic banks which made the experience a practical reality concrete inside the country and outside the Islamic alike

The reality of Islamic banking:
Although the roots of Islamic banking hit in the depths of Islamic history as defined in the first Ages Islamic Kambassottagh some financial instruments and instrument and innocence and skins and hawala and clearing But Islamic banking in the modern form is a newly established not later than thirty years old. Islamic banking has achieved in such a short period of the old great success in the development of tools and mechanisms and Islamic banking products made them grow at an annual rate estimated at 15% annually until the number of institutions of more than 250 banking institutions and financial operating in 49 state distributed over five continents manage more assets about 230 billion dollars

Mark banking:
Holding flat sales Secretariat is one of the Islamic Sharia, which sets the sales price at the cost of the commodity plus profit agreed upon between the seller and buyer. The process of contract plus a formula for financing bank Prize religiously including known in the banking contemporary term "Balemrabha bank." They are carried out by the bank for the purchase of a commodity specified by the customer's bank pays them in cash by the bank and then sell those goods to the customer priceless deferred reimburse the customer either at once or in installments specific. Residence plus banking information of capital goods done by the bank, as well as determining the profit in addition to the ownership of a commodity and the bank received before selling them to the customer

Plus personal:
Require large segments of the public and private sector officials and university graduates and professionals free access to some durable goods for personal use such as automobiles, household appliances and equipment and others. Since the entry is not enough to buy those commodities exchange, the Islamic Bank provides to those segments of the goods means the payment by selling soft mark. In order to be compliant operation with Islamic Sharia should show sales and clear milestones by verifying ownership of the bank and its entry in a commodity guarantee before selling them to the customer. Bank may not buy a commodity from one of its clients have already been sold before

Flat trade:
Do not meet the financial resources of some of the institutions and commercial companies to buy its requirements for goods and services in cash, which makes them resort to the Islamic Bank to finance the purchase of such goods and services as deferred payment terms. Islamic banking has been developed for this purpose so-called "trade mark" where adopt Islamic Bank credit ceiling for funding grants the client is entitled to the benefit of that ceiling to finance the purchase of needed Balemrabha. The bank's purchase and own goods and goods specified by the customer-within the ceiling of credit granted to him - and paid for in cash and then re-sell the customer's priceless deferred reimburse the customer as deferred payment terms agreed

Documentary credits Balemrabha:
Resort businessmen in the financing of the importation of goods from the international market to the commercial banks to open documentary credits for the benefit of suppliers of those goods. Islamic banking has been developed in this area mechanism compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia called "Financing Balemrabha documentary credits." The Islamic Bank through this mechanism to open documentary credit on behalf of the bank and valid purpose verify ownership of the goods and then the bank after the arrival of the shipment of goods sold documents of the customer pays the price deferred deadlines agreed upon between the bank and Islamic PUPPET

Gearing in international commodity:
Represents an important investment depends in Islamic banking. Since many of the Islamic banking customers need to provide them with the opportunity to invest Ciolthm cash in the short term Islamic banking has developed what is known as "mark in the international commodity" through which the Islamic Bank on behalf of customers buy goods on the international market in cash as iron, copper and aluminum The timber and other goods available to international markets, and then sell then to the other parties in the same market at a higher price and the terms of payment of deferred charges and the Islamic banking was able to respond to the wishes of their clients invest their savings in a manner acceptable to a legitimate and low-risk profits with acceptable in the short term

Speculation funding:
Speculation known in Islamic jurisprudence as a holding company between two parties, one provides money and called the employer money and the other to work and knows "Palmdharb" so that each share in the profit part commonly agreed upon contract. Islamic banking has developed the basic idea for this contract in the area of speculation funding Islamic Bank would pay for a specific customer capital agreed that the recruitment of customer money in this business Agreed acceptable to the bank and the profit made from this activity, divided between Islamic Bank and the customer by common descent the agreed upon contract signing speculation

Speculative investment:
Speculation known in Islamic jurisprudence as a holding company between two parties, one provides money and called "Lord of money" and the other work, known as "speculative" to be their respective shares in the profit part commonly agreed upon contract. Islamic banking has developed the basic idea for this contract in the area of speculative investment through savings attract customers and employ them in the activity of investment agreed and compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia so that divides the profit realized from such activity by common descent agreed upon signing of a contract for speculation. Islamic Bank this mechanism to strengthen their financial capacity in the area of financing customers of the bank or through investment funds managed and operated by the Islamic Bank

Alastsnaa banking:
Alastsnaa contract of sale between the manufacturer and Almstsna commodity described in the disclosure within the industry for a price paid in advance or postponed to push one or several installments as agreed upon by the manufacturer or industry product obtained from the market in solutions delivery date. Islamic banking has developed this decade to be used as a financing tool desire in the industry and the construction of planes, ships, buildings, machinery and equipment manufactured custom. The Islamic Bank usually contracted with Almstsna to play a main contractor who is the implementation and financing of the eye and may be contracted for the Islamic Bank of subcontracting with the manufacturer for implementation by the technical specifications set by Almstsna

Parallel Alastsnaa:
We have developed Islamic banking Alastsnaa banking and Alastsnaa parallel to represent two sides of one coin used to finance the building and construction of planes, ships and power plants, buildings and equipment. The Islamic Bank after contracting Almstsna building and the construction of the eye described in the disclosure contract with the manufacturer's subcontractors holding parallel Astsnaa based manufacturer and the building industry eye replace Alastsnaa held the same specifications in the contract Alastsnaa banking and payment conditions and the implementation of different. The contractual relationship between the bank by Islamic Almstsna through the holding of the banking Alastsnaa On the other hand, between the Islamic Bank and the manufacturer through the holding of parallel Alastsnaa

Personal Altork:
Result hardship and the high cost of many Islamic banking customers when they buy consumer goods, motor vehicles on credit from the bank and then re-sold in the market at an accelerated access to cash approved bodies legitimacy formula cheaper and more flexible called in forensic term "Altork." The bank Islamic as a mechanism introduced rapid circulation of goods on the customer and sell it at a price the customer is deferred to then sell those goods to a third party is usually accelerated price lower than the purchase price for cash. When the customer pays term solutions to the bank as the price of a commodity price deferred agreed